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About Us

The UC Davis Health System is home to a vibrant community of nearly 300 female scientists and clinician faculty. The mission of the UC Davis WIMHS program is to ensure the full participation and success of women in all roles within academic medicine. We created this blog to highlight the accomplishments of UCD women in science and medicine, like you, and to create opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas and discussing the challenges facing women in academic medicine.

WIMHS is directed by Drs. Amparo Villablanca and Melissa Bauman. The WIMHS blog is maintained by Drs. Bauman and Villablanca, WIMHS Senior Adviser, Dr. Lydia Howell, along with current and previous participants in the WIMHS Mentored Leadership Program. If you have a suggested topic for our blog or if you would like to serve as a guest blogger, please email Rebecca Moncada at remoncada@ucdavis.edu.