Gene Crumley’s Summer Reading List

Below are books that I’ve read in the last 20+ years that have been seminal in my thinking about leadership. As you will see, my interests have jumped around over the last two plus decades! Let me start here, with THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU CAN READ AS A LEADER! The Promise of Sleep William Dement You probably don’t [...]

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Providing for Our Faculty Professional Development Needs

David Tom Cooke, MD, FACS At the UC Davis Department of Surgery, we developed the SUCCEED Program. The purpose of the SUCCEED program is to provide mentoring and support for our faculty and provide them with an environment that maximizes their professional development. To find out what our faculty want, we performed an [...]

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How one surgical program doubled its percent of underrepresented residents

Shaking up residency program admissions Editor’s note: The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the AAMC or its members. As the first African American general surgery program director in the history of the department of surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University [...]

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Crucial Conversations

Overview of Crucial Conversations: Crucial Conversations is a course that teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering opening dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics – at all levels of the organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), [...]

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Special Guest Post – Lip Gloss Rehab

Lip Gloss Rehab! As part of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, one of my favorite department mentoring activities is our semi-annual Lip-Gloss Rehab gatherings.  This is an easy model to replicate for any department and can be extremely rewarding.  Our group was started several years ago by one of ou [...]

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How to Disagree with Someone More Powerful Than You – Harvard Business Review

Your boss proposes a new initiative you think won’t work. Your senior colleague outlines a project timeline you think is unrealistic. What do you say when you disagree with someone who has more power than you do? How do you decide whether it’s worth speaking up? And if you do, what exactly should you say? What the Exp [...]

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Special Guest Post – Practicing Compassion

What does it mean to engage compassion, caring and appreciation in daily life? How do we show up in in every interaction with others at home, on route to work and at work? Is it possible to cultivate compassion? Compassion can be considered an intentional orientation toward other living beings and the entire world com [...]

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Newsletter Highlight – Nurturing Innovation in Teaching

Interprofessional Teaching Scholars Program invites applicants for 2019-2021 Nurturing innovation in teaching When Michael Schick, D.O., sought to diversify his teaching skills, he decided to apply to the Interprofessional Teaching Scholars Program (ITSP). Susan L. Adams, Ph.D., R.N., N.P., turned to ITSP to prepare h [...]

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Cultivating Creativity Through Diversity

"Creative Differences: The Benefits Of Reaching Out To People Unlike Ourselves" Read the full synopsis on the NPR website. Additional Resources "Collaborating with People Like Me: Ethnic Coauthorship within the United States" by Richard B. Freeman and Wei Huang in the Journal of Labor Economics. "'Going Out' of the Bo [...]

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