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UCSF Podcast: Promoting Professionalism and Respect in Medical Education

“The Spark, Episode 8: Promoting Professionalism and Respect in Medical Education .” The Spark: Medical Education for Curious Minds, UCSF, 2018. https://soundcloud.com/the-spark-for-medical-education. [...]

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From the Thoughtful Leader: 3 Things Smart Leaders Do to Show Respect for Their People

3 Things Smart Leaders Do to Show Respect For Their People - ThoughtfulLeader.com Want to be a smart leader? You've come to the right place. Wearing glasses can help (I've tried that), but there are some better ways to go about it. Smart leaders know that without their teams, they can't accomplish anything. In fact, i [...]

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LGBTQ+ Healthcare across the ages: 2019 Improving OUTcomes Conference recap

Each year, the Vice Chancellor’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Council organizes an annual Improving OUTcomes Conference with an important mission: invite regional and national experts in LGBTQ+ care to share their knowledge on best clinical practices and ways to improving the quality of care for LGBTQ+ patients and their families. [...]

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Welcome 2019-2020 WIMHS Fellow, Dr. Debbie Aizenberg!

I am honored to be selected as the 2019-2020 fellow, an incredible opportunity for an academic physician! My own journey in academic medicine as an otolaryngologist and mother has provided me with a unique perspective on some of the challenges that women face in medicine today. I am excited to embrace some of the most [...]

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3 Project Summary Facts Every Researcher Must Know

Adapted from Principle Investigator Leader Your Project Summary may be the most important component of your R01 grant application. Reviewers utilize this one-page abstract like a “one-stop-shop.” It must illustrate your overall objectives, the methodology that you plan to follow, and your specific aims. To properly cra [...]

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New Faculty Gift-Card Creating Opportunities In Mentorship

New Faculty: Be on the lookout for your gift card in your department! Using the New Faculty Gift-Card We enjoyed an outstanding lunch at Ella thanks to the $75 gift card provided by the mentoring academy.  While we meet regularly to discuss a variety of projects, this gift motivated us to set aside time for a relaxing [...]

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Clinical Psychiatry News: UC Irvine/UC Davis Train New Trainers (TNT) Primary Care Psychiatry (PCP) Fellowship

Take a look at the incredible work of Shannon Suo, M.D. featured in Clinical Psychiatry News Primary care psychiatry fellowship seeks to fill 'void' hen Shannon Suo, MD, reached her family medicine rotation as a medical student at the University of Cincinnati, she recalls that the faculty "seemed a little lost" when t [...]

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Award Season Tips & Tricks: Writing a compelling nomination

2019 Deans’ Awards for Excellence nominations are now being accepted. Nominations are due by Thursday, December 5, 2019. View award descriptions, nomination instructions, and preview the nomination questions. The nomination is key to having your nominee selected for the award! But how do you write a compelling nominat [...]

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Women in Medicine and Health Sciences (WIMHS) Fall Welcome 2019

WIMHS hosted the 2019 Fall Welcome at The Press Bistro in Sacramento. This annual event is a special time to welcome new female faculty members to UC Davis Health and to celebrate promotions and accomplishments of current faculty. We were joined by UC Davis leadership including the new Dean of the School of Medicine, [...]

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OtoWellness Series: Exploring wellness from within, as a team, and in the great outdoors

By Jamie Funamura, MD, MPH Assistant Professor Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery One can hardly attend an academic meeting or open one’s email these days without tripping over some mention of wellness or the dire consequences of its absence in the health care workforce. But really, I’ve wondere [...]

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