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Special Guest Post – Experiential learning in the Central Valley

Shea Hazarian (pronouns: she, her, hers) Unique Perspectives I work in an office tasked with supporting students from high school through undergraduate college, medical school, and residency who have been historically underrepresented in medicine. These students (primarily Black, Latino and Southeast Asian) have overc [...]

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Discovering Narratives: First Generation Faculty Project Findings

Khoban Kochai, M.P.H. Operations Manager Faculty Development and Diversity Origins Under Dr. Hendry Ton’s leadership, Faculty Development and Diversity is prioritizing understanding the needs and experiences of UCDH faculty through its Diversity DRIVE (Discovering, Resilience, Inclusion, academic Vitality, and Excelle [...]

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Wellness: Best Practices in Addressing Provider Burnout

Philippe Goldin, PhD Causes There are many causes for burnout that involve organizational structure, policies and workflow, as well as poor work-life balance. However, many of us neglect to recognize signs of burnout that include exhaustion, cynicism, lack of efficacy, desperation, anger, overworking, disruptive exter [...]

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Wellness and Mentoring in Academic Medicine

Katren Tyler, MD Physician Wellness We have seen a surge in the last few years in awareness and discussions about physician wellness and burnout. More than 50% of physicians are experiencing symptoms of burnout with some specialties as high as 70% burnout1. Wellness and burnout are often described together.  I like to [...]

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Development Tip – How to apologize effectively

What have you found to be helpful in an apology? Next time you make a mistake, try these out: Six Components of an Apology Expression of regret. Explanation of what went wrong. Acknowledgment of responsibility. Declaration of repentance. Offer of repair. Request for forgiveness. Here’s an article too— Negotiation and [...]

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Newsletter Highlight – Physician volunteers for transgender clinic: A Conversation with Swati Rao, M.D.

Swati Rao was a medical resident in the UC Davis combined family medicine and psychiatry program in 2012 when she became aware of the need for health care services dedicated to transgender people. When the Sacramento Gender Health Center (GHC) established a free clinic to prescribe hormones to trans people undergoing a [...]

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Facing Impostor Syndrome: A Guide For Health Professions Faculty

Facing Impostor Syndrome: A Guide For Health Professions FacultyKupiri W. Ackerman-Barger, Ph.D., R.N.The impostor syndrome (IS) (also known as the impostor phenomenon) refers to successful people who have a persistent belief in their lack of intelligence, skills, or competence despite many worthy accomplishments (Youn [...]