Award Season Tips & Tricks: Writing a compelling nomination

2019 Deans’ Awards for Excellence nominations are now being accepted. Nominations are due by Thursday, December 5, 2019.

View award descriptions, nomination instructions, and preview the nomination questions.

The nomination is key to having your nominee selected for the award!

But how do you write a compelling nomination? 

A few tips to consider so that your nominee can be among the finalists!

  • Be concise, explain and include evidence and clear examples of how the nominee meets the criteria.
  • Provide specific examples that directly address the award criteria
  • Provide measurable outcomes that show the impact the nominee has had in the nomination category (ie. patient care, research, education, diversity & the greater community)
  • Examples should include outcomes, results, and/or activities above and beyond the nominee’s job description
  • Complete the nomination in FULL!

If you don’t know the answers to nomination questions, don’t be afraid to ASK the nominee!

  • WHAT did the nominee do?
    • Projects and/or activities above the nominee’s job description
    • Any challenges or issues encountered and overcome?
  • HOW did they do it?
  • What did you or others observe?
    • Initiative, Teamwork, Creativity and/or innovation?
    • Behaviors and/or attitudes?
  • WHAT were the results and/or impact?
  • What did the nominee’s efforts accomplish?
  • Are there specific benefits that UC Davis Health and/or the greater community has gained from those efforts?

Ready to nominate? Get started!

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