Providing for Our Faculty Professional Development Needs

David Tom Cooke, MD, FACS


At the UC Davis Department of Surgery, we developed the SUCCEED Program. The purpose of the SUCCEED program is to provide mentoring and support for our faculty and provide them with an environment that maximizes their professional development. To find out what our faculty want, we performed an anonymous survey asking faculty: What is your academic series? What is your rank? What is your experience (early career, mid-career or advanced career)? Please select up to 5 topics you would like to attend for a professional development lecture, workshop or didactic?

Topic choices included: Achieving Academic Success in the University of California -Merits and Promotions; How to be a Great Mentor; Negotiations; Cultural Competency; Personal Finances; Institutional and Professional Society Leadership; Leadership, Vision and Strategic Planning; Dealing with Difficult Faculty and Residents; Work Life Balance; Examples of Research Career Paths. Interesting, the top topics requested for early career faculty included Finances in Academic Medicine and Institutional and Professional Society Leadership. Top topics for mid-career and late-career faculty included How to be a Great Mentor and Negotiations.

The survey provided a wonderful blueprint for our first year of didactic topics which resulted in the following schedule:

  • Department of Surgery SUCCEED Program Professional Development Lecture Series
    • Invited faculty from across the health system
      • Managing Personal Finances for the Early and Mid-Career Surgeon
        • Dr. Diana Farmer
        • January 22, 2019
      • Professional Society Leadership
      • Mitigating Stereotype threat, Internalized bias, & Micro-aggressions in Medical Education and Patient Care
      • How to be a Great Mentor
      • Negotiations in Academic Healthcare
        • Gene Crumley, M.Div., Faculty Development and Diversity
        • May 23, 2019
      • Dealing with Difficult Faculty and Residents
        • Drs. Susan Guralnick and Gregory Jurkovich (moderated panel)
        • June 6, 2019

The UC Davis Department of Surgery SUCCEED Program lecture series was a resounding success and well received. Many of the lectures can now be found on You Tube. The 2019-2020 lecture series will feature even more valuable content for our faculty.

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