Special Guest Post – Lip Gloss Rehab

Lip Gloss Rehab!

As part of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, one of my favorite department mentoring activities is our semi-annual Lip-Gloss Rehab gatherings.  This is an easy model to replicate for any department and can be extremely rewarding.  Our group was started several years ago by one of our faculty members, associate professor and distinguished sports medicine physician, Dr. Brandee Waite.  She had recently given birth to her first child while navigating an academic medicine career, maintaining a busy clinical practice and covering sporting events on the side.  She saw it as a chance for the women in our department to relax, seek guidance, share ideas, impart wisdom and learn to feel at home with the extended UC Davis PM&R XX gang (Sorry, guys!).  Faculty, residents, alumni and friends are invited to a potluck- style casual dinner after work.  The group keeps growing- in more ways than one!  We have been through weddings, babies, job changes, promotions, illness, deaths- in short, life together.  We always learn from each other!

The top 10 lessons from our last meeting were:

  1. Having a baby in Denmark is very different than in the US (Thanks, Tracy).

  2. Respectful discourse from varying points of view about medical topics is actually intellectually stimulating (and should serve as a model for our leaders)- Thanks to Nanette for just being herself and allowing us to see this play out earlier this academic year.

  3. Sometimes patients cry or yell at us even though we are doing a good job as doctors (and it’s OK to allow those people to see another provider if what they want is not what you are comfortable recommending at that time).

  4. Don’t yell at the nurse who is putting in your IV when you are in labor (Thanks Lisa for sharing)

  5. Patient satisfaction rankings drive good physicians crazy when they are treating patients who want treatment they don’t need.  Talked about some strategies for bargaining.

  6. Calling depression and anxiety “stress” gets resistant patients to buy in a bit more to comorbidities affecting their healing (Thanks to Michelle for that pearl)

  7. There is hope for the future of medicine (thanks to Maya’s cousin Meera, our 19- year- old pre-med guest)

  8. We should feel empowered to be confident and in control of our clinical experiences, while allowing the patients to be heard, not allowing their personal prejudices against us (for whatever gender or other issues) to weigh on us after some reflection.

  9. We have a great network of Lip Gloss Rehab physicians with similar experiences around Sacramento and it feels good to listen and share stories

  10. We, as a group, do not eat a ton of dessert, so next time we will ask only 2 people to bring dessert.

“Thank you to Dr. Waite and the women of PM&R for this amazing group.  I encourage others to form your own Lip Gloss Group and join the fun!”

Carol Vandenakker Albanese, MD
PM&R Residency Program Director
Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation
UC Davis Health

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