Development Tip: 4 Tech Tools to Stay on Track This Year

Need help keeping yourself accountable to stay on track and meet your goals for the upcoming year?

Check out these tech tools to help with work-life resolutions!

Daily Tasks:
Fin Personal Assistant Service

Ever wish you had a personal assistant to help with daily tasks at home? Well, now you can at an affordable price. One example (and there are many out there) is the Fin Personal Assistant Service.

Fin is a “new kind of assistant that runs in the cloud.”  It integrates machine learning, skilled people and sophisticated measurement to help you with your daily tasks: making a dinner reservation, booking or checking-in for a flight, data entry, purchasing tickets to a show, finding a cleaner or handyman… basically, a 24/7 assistant available for whatever your needs might be. The great thing about a service like this is that you only pay for what you use.

Pro Tip: Select the “Get Started” option, enter your email then wait. If you don’t use the service right away, Fin will send a follow-up email a few weeks later that increases the free $30 credit (My free credit increased to $200!)

Boomerang for Outlook

Cost = Free for UC Davis employees

If you struggle with keeping up on email, Boomerang is one solution worth checking out. Boomerang enables you to schedule emails to send at a later time, track responses/opens/clicks and more. One of the best features, however, is the Inbox Pause where you can pause your inbox so that messages wait until you are ready to receive them. You can view all the available features at

To install Boomerang for Outlook:

  1. Go to Settings (cog icon) in Outlook

  2. Select “Manage Add-ins” and search for Boomerang, then click the Add button.

Google Voice

Cost: Free

Google Voice is an excellent option if you often miss phone calls. It provides automatic transcription of messages and sends the transcription to your email.

Voice Notes:


Cost: Free for 600 minutes or $9.99/mo for 6,000 minutes (student discount at $4.99/mo)

Otter is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered voice assistant that transcribes everyday conversations on the fly (like meetings or interviews). It’s probably the best voice transcription service out there right now. While you may be asking, “Well, what about Alexa and Google Assistant?”, the truth is that those assistants are really built for search, not for the recording of meetings with multiple people attending or long-form conversation.

Otter utilizes “diarization” to separate each individual speaker, then generates a voice print for each person’s voice. The transcription occurs instantly and, at the end of the conversation, Otter identifies key words used in the conversation for easy search. I’ve used it at meetings with up to 15 people and it worked beautifully!

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