Newsletter Highlight – Best Practices in Supervision for Faculty

Winter Issue of the Faculty Development and Diversity Newsletter features courses in Supervision offered by Training and Development.

FDD Recommends:

2019 Leadership Challenge Program

  • Leadership Challenge 360 assessment
  • 2-day class
  • Receive feedback from leaders, peers and colleagues, supervised staff
  • Identify areas and opportunities for skills enhancement

If you are interested in participating in the UC Davis Leadership Challenge, we encourage you to register soon. Space is limited and there is no fee to participate; UC Davis Human Resources Talent Management and Development covers all program costs. Choose from the following dates in 2019:

All sessions will be 8:30-4:30 and will include lunch. Participants are required to attend both days.



Call: 916-734-2542

Visit: Stop by the Training and Development office in Ticon III or website at to learn more. All courses are free of charge and searchable by keyword.

The academic medical environment prepares faculty members well to supervise residents and fellows, and medical students on their research teams. Faculty members may be less comfortable, however, supervising staff members because of uncertainty about union work regulations and staff personnel policies.

Fortunately, richly diverse supervisor resources, including hundreds of online and in-person courses, as well as individual consultation, are available through the Training and Development program of the UC Davis Human Resources Department. Judy Isaman, senior training analyst and instructor with Training and Development, notes that the program offers three supervisor development certificate series programs: “Preparing for Supervision,” “Developing as a Supervisor” and “Mastering Supervision.”

In the “Developing as a Supervisor” series, one of the courses within the “Employee and Labor Relations” tracks is “Supervising in a Union Environment.” Training and Development also offers a “Risk Management” track that includes an “Employment Law and Liability” course.

“One particularly useful course for faculty members who lead groups is our ‘Leadership Challenge,’ a two-day class that has a ‘360-degree assessment’ component,” said Isaman. “The 360-degree structure gives participants feedback from leaders, peers and colleagues, as well as from staff members who they supervise. That process reveals where a faculty member might need some skills enhancement.”

Isaman also encourages supervisors to consider enrolling in courses in communication skills. She meets individually with faculty and staff members to discuss leadership and career development, and resources to help resolve conflicts and develop environments conducive to collaboration among employees.

Judy Isaman Senior Training Analyst


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