It’s Awards Season: So why not self-nominate?

“You Can’t Win if You Don’t Enter”
– Carolyn Wilman “The Contest Queen”


“The best angle from which to approach a problem is the Try-angle.”
– unknown

There is nothing wrong with drawing attention to your accomplishments!

So why don’t we self- nominate?

You know all of the awesome work you are doing, which begs the question: Why not nominate yourself? Or better yet, how do you go about nominating yourself?

Take some advice from the following adaptation from a Woman of Science:

Open your most recent and updated CV: Do not use a biosketch! A biosketch is just that – a sketch – you should have a long CV. If you do not know what should be in your long CV, click here: Your CV. OK, now that you have your CV open (an updated) do the following:

Make a list of all your awesomeness in all categories – research, teaching, mentoring, service to field: What example can you provide that verifies the awesome attribute you are trying to write about? What have you done for education or mentoring that goes above and beyond?

Stick to important things: Think about someone in your field who you think is awesome. What would you write about them? Can you say anything similar about the same attributes about yourself?

Try again and again: Will you win every award? No. You do not get every grant awarded, and you will not win every award. But, your chances of winning are zero if you do not get nominated. There is NO DOWNSIDE to being nominated! People see your CV. People will get to know your name.

Now try it out!

Review the criteria and nominate yourself and/or encourage others to nominate themselves for this year’s Deans’ Awards for Excellence by December 14th, 2018!

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