We’ve been busy! Take a look at the past month in FDD

Khoban Kochai, M.P.H.
Business Operations Manager-Supervisor
Faculty Development and Diversity

Phew! What a month! October was a hectic month for the FDD team.  From the OUTcomes Conference, to first-ever Mentoring  Academy Forum, to piloting a new curriculum for faculty, and ending in the WIMHS Fall Welcome, plus numerous workshops, this month has been one accomplishment after another.

FDD served a total of 189 faculty in October with high quality, well-attended, and well-received events.

We are incredibly grateful to have a team of highly-committed directors and staff that work collaboratively to create such successful events.  The past month would also not have been possible without incredibly valuable partnerships with other UCDH units such as the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the Office of Academic Personnel, just to name a couple:


Successful launch of 3 – part pilot series held Oct. 3, 10, & 24 for SEED: Supporting Educational Excellence in Diversity

SEED is a curriculum offered by Faculty Development and Diversity, spearheaded by students, in collaboration with faculty educators and staff. Its goal is to help faculty improve their ability to teach students, particularly students from diverse backgrounds, by improving their ability to recognize and address key faculty-student and faculty-faculty challenges related to diversity and the learning environment.

This hybrid model course is made up of three sessions that utilize the flipped classroom format with brief interactive online modules that prep the participant for the one hour in-class discussions.

Preliminary evaluations of the pilot have been positive as well:

  • 94% of participants report coming away with ways to manage discomfort associated with receiving feedback re: cultural issues
  • 100% of participants were comfortable identifying curricular content that perpetuate bias and discrimination
  • 100% of participants report being able to apply what they learned in the curriculum to their work as educators.
  • 94% felt the time was well spent, and 89% recommend this course to colleagues.


 “Before I attended this course, I was expecting to explore problems but now I see possible solutions”

“I can be a better advocate by providing colleagues feedback”

“Before I attended this course, I was expecting black/white answers, but now I see there is a rainbow”

“(SEED) Will help me remember how to manage my emotional response when we have injured others!”

“Before I attended this course, I was expecting another diversity workshop, but now I see development of many tools that could make me a more effective educator”

Interested in future SEED offerings?

All faculty who teach students are encouraged to participate in this 3 part series. Email hs-ucdhsfacultydevelopment@ou.ad3.ucdavis.edu with the subject: SEED to be placed on the waiting list to be alerted of future dates!


Mentoring Academy launches successful event: Intentional Mentoring: A Mentoring Academy Forum held on Oct. 24

 In order to be successful, you must write down your SMART goals!  Dr. Phillip Clifford, Associate Dean University of Illinois at Chicago, at the Intentional Mentoring: A Mentoring Academy Forum could not stress enough how important it is to take the time to make a plan to achieve your goals! Planning to Thrive in a Challenging Academic Environment was a working forum at which participants used the time to assess their strengths and weaknesses in the 5 core elements of their series, think about their important values in their work, map out a definition of success and create a statement answering What is My Dream for Myself?  Next steps were to write down personal goals, identify potential collaborators, resources needed, and identify existing and new MENTORS. All pieces needed to accomplish your goals.

Additional sessions included Dr. Clancy reviewing Merits and Promotions, a Speed Mentoring session and a combined wellness session.


“As a brand new faculty member, I am extremely grateful for the mentoring academy. Not only was the content high-impact, the co-directors and facilitators made every attendee feel welcomed and valued. The topics covered today will play a crucial role in my foundation for success. The worksheets from the keynote really helped to crystallize my vision, values, and goals. As an introvert I am not typically a fan of small group work where one shares personal information (e.g. fears and life goals), but the exercises actually were very helpful in creating an atmosphere of support while building one’s professional network. Dr. Clancy’s talk was incredibly helpful in demystifying the process of merits and promotions. Thank you so much for investing in such a meaningful workshop. I look forward to future workshops.”

View upcoming Mentoring Academy events and workshops


Clara Paik, M.D., reflects on this year’s Women in Medicine and Health Sciences Fall Welcome and 200th Professor Pin Celebration, held Oct. 27th at Putah Creek Lodge in Davis

I was most honored to receive the 200th Woman Professor Pin on Saturday October 27th at the WIMHS Fall Welcome event held at Putah Creek Lodge. It was wonderful to see so many faculty turn out for the reception, and in particular, I was extremely pleased to see so much support from leadership. Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter gave a very thoughtful introductory speech discussing the importance of WIMHS at UC Davis. Dr. Berglund and Dr. Clancy also came to show their support which means a lot to many of us. I also thought Dr. Bauman did an exceptional job hosting the event as the Director of WIMHS.  For me, it was a special evening, not only because I received the 200th pin, but also because I was surrounded by all the other women who have achieved so much and were rightly recognized for their accomplishments. I also had the opportunity to celebrate with many members of my department, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as so many of my wonderful colleagues. We have such a great camaraderie at UC Davis, and to be able to work with such a great group of people is truly one of the joys of my job. 

I am grateful to WIMHS for their continued support of women in medicine and science. What WIMHS means to me is a celebration of women’s achievements in academic medicine and in the biomedical sciences. WIMHS also means the availability of mentorship and the ability to get more leadership training. WIMHS events are also opportunities for women faculty to come together socially, to get to know one another and celebrate successes, discuss challenges and concerns, and solve problems. We are so lucky to have this alliance at UC Davis. I hope more women faculty are able to take advantage of the many opportunities that WIMHS has to offer.

Dr. Clara Paik is a Professor, Vice-Chair, Director, Clinic Medical Director, and Associate Residency Program Director for the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology


What’s ahead for FDD?

Under-represented Faculty in Health (UIH) Research Project

Faculty Development and Diversity (FDD) is very interested in hearing about your academic career experience at UC Davis Health.  We are inviting faculty from the UC Davis Schools of Health to participate in the Under-represented Faculty in Health (UIH) research project.  Specifically, we are interested in interviewing individuals who self-identify as:

*       Black or African American

*       Native American, Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander

*       Hispanic, Latinx or of Spanish Origin

*       Southeast Asian descent: Origins from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam

*       Multiple Race/Ethnicity, when one or more race/ethnicities are from the preceding categories

This research is IRB approved and adheres to strict Federal, State, and university guidelines to protect rights and privacy.  Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. Participation entails a 60-minute face to face interview with a member of the research team at a location convenient to the participant. Please note that as the Principal Investigator, I will be blinded to the identities of interviewees and all identifiable information related to faculty who participate in the interviews.  The interviews will take place from October 1st to December 15th, 2018.

To Participate:

If you are interested in participating, please contact Rebeca Giacinto, Evaluation Specialist with the SOH Evaluation team at regiacinto@ucdavis.edu<mailto:mailto:regiacinto@ucdavis.edu>.   If you have any general questions about the UIH research project, please contact Khoban B. Kochai, FDD Business and Operations Manager, at kbkochai@ucdavis.edu<mailto:kbkochai@ucdavis.edu>.

More Background:

Faculty Development and Diversity’s mission is to nourish a diverse and inclusive community of faculty who will meet the present and future challenges of academic health.  To accomplish this mission, we aim to better understand the needs of our diverse faculty.  As part of our Diversity DRIVE (Discovering Resilience, Inclusion, academic Vitality, and Excellence) initiative we are starting a new research project to identify factors that impact recruitment, retention and success of our underrepresented academic faculty.  The Under-represented faculty in Health (UIH) research project aims to better understand the experiences of ethnic minority faculty in the UC Davis Schools of Health.

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