Episode 9: Screen Time–Growing Up in a Digital World

Kids may spend a lot of time on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.  How much is too much for children looking at screens?  Is an hour or two (or four or more) per day normal?  Could it be harmful?  Are there medical or other side effects from teens and other children spending so much time with media, broadcast [...]

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Episode 7: Vegetarian Diets

Are vegetarian diets healthy and safe for children?  What are the risks?  Which nutrients and vitamins do vegetarian children need to pay extra attention to?  Should they be taking supplements?  Why do children choose to be vegetarian?  Are there any benefits to a vegetarian diet?  What about vegans?  What does Dr. De [...]

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Episode 6: Infant & Toddler Sleep Challenges

When can parents expect infants to sleep through the night?  How can parents help infants to go to sleep on their own?  Is it healthy for parents to allow their children to cry themselves to sleep?  What to do with the toddler who wants "just one more" bedtime story before going to sleep?  Listen to this episode as Dr [...]

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Episode 5: Marijuana & Kids

With many states legalizing the use of recreational and medical marijuana more and more parents are raising concerns about the risk it poses to their children. What are the long and short-term effects of marijuana exposure on development? How common is accidental ingestion? How have these policies changed the way teen [...]

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Episode 4: Food Additives–Cause For Concern?

Should you be concerned about food additives? What is the significance of nitrates, nitrites, BPA, phthalates and PFCs? What is endocrine disruption and could this significantly impact your children? Do food additives really cause cancer? What about plastic containers? Can Dr. Lena convince a skeptical Dr. Dean that pa [...]

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Episode 3: Teen Sleep & School Start Times

Parents may be perplexed that their teenagers always seem to be sleepy in the morning. Why don’t they go to sleep earlier so that they can wake up well rested in time for school? Are they lazy, maybe they just can’t plan ahead, or are there biologic factors at play? What are the consequences of sleep-deprived teens? W [...]

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Episode 2: Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is extremely common in infants and young children.  With separation anxiety comes significant distress for parents and caregivers.  Is there anything parents can do to help reduce their child's distress when separating?  Will a child grow out of this behavior?  How long does it typically last?  [...]

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Episode 1: Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo–That Is The Question

Tattoos are now commonplace among adolescents and young adults.  How do parents respond when their child wants to get a tattoo?  Are there complications?  Will a tattoo result in stigmatization that limits their future educational and professional opportunities?  Do people with tattoos suffer from discrimination [...]

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