Divorce Made Easier For Children

Divorce is not uncommon in the US.  It is difficult and stressful for the parents, and it may also be hard on the children.  Divorce may result in long-term health, academic, emotional and behavioral problems for children.  However, in some cases, the parents separation decreases stress and children may experience relief from reduced tensions.  What can parents do to mitigate some of the potential harmful consequences for children during and after divorce?  What is the best way for parents to talk to their children about divorce?  How long does it usually take for children to rebound from the initial pain of separating parents?  What is the best approach when responding to children’s difficult questions?  We discuss these issues and more in this episode.

This episode written by Dr. Dean Blumberg and Dr. Lena Rothstein.

We thank Licensed Clinical Social Worker Angelus Dupree at UC Davis Children’s Hospital for reviewing this topic, although Drs. Dean and Lena take responsibility for any errors or misinformation.

Supplemental material:

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