Screen Time–Growing Up in a Digital World

Kids may spend a lot of time on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.  How much is too much for children looking at screens?  Is an hour or two (or four or more) per day normal?  Could it be harmful?  Are there medical or other side effects from teens and other children spending so much time with media, broadcast as well as social media?  Could screen time actually change brain anatomy?  What are the benefits of online social activities?  Should parents limit screen time?  Is this even possible?  How can parents start to address this issue?  These topics and more are covered in this podcast as Dr. Lena and Dr. Dean explore this contemporary issue.

This episode written by Dr. Dean Blumberg and Dr. Lena Rothstein.

The authors thank Dr. Laura Kester from UC Davis Children’s Hospital for reviewing this topic, although Drs. Dean and Lena take responsibility for any errors or misinformation.

Supplemental material:

Photo from The Phoenix

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