Riding in Cars With Kids–Car Seats, Boosters and Riding Shotgun

Car seats have been one of the biggest victories in child safety in our lifetime. However, many still find the laws and recommendations around car seats confusing. This podcast discusses why rear-facing is best, when to turn to front facing and ultimately transition to a booster seat. We also review tips installing and [...]

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Discipline Do’s & Don’ts

Disciplining children is one of the most difficult parts of parenting. This podcast discusses reinforcing positive behaviors and working to extinguish negative behaviors across childhood. From ignoring and redirecting to time-outs and grounding, we discuss what strategies work, and why physical punishments can have lon [...]

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Children Really Can Love To Eat Their Veggies

So your school-age child just won't eat any vegetables.  No broccoli, no carrots, no squash, no, no, no, no, that's all you ever hear.  You're concerned that their diet is not healthy, maybe they are missing some essential vitamins or nutrients, maybe this will affect their growth.  Not to worry, because in this episod [...]

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Learning Financial Responsibility

Understanding money and finance is crucial in today’s society. However, most children are not receiving formal training in money management in school. There are many ways parents can increase their children’s financial literacy and help set them up for success as they navigate the world of earning and budgeting later i [...]

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The Worst Cut is the Deepest—Does Your Child Need Stitches?

Scrapes, cuts and lacerations inevitably occur in virtually all active children. What’s the best way to treat these? How can you stop the bleeding? How do you know when you need to take your child to get stitches? We discuss these issues, including alternatives to stitches, how to minimize scarring, and how to best hel [...]

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Advice On How To Deal With Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Have you ever been given unsolicited parenting advice?  We know you have, it’s so common.  And it can be so annoying.  Sometimes it feels like people are judging you.  What is the best way to respond to unwanted advice?  In this episode, we discuss several strategies to deal with unsolicited parenting advice, while at [...]

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The Writing Is On The Wall: Reading With Children Is Great!

Early literacy exposure and reading aloud to children is a critical step in making sure a child is ready to enter Kindergarten. In this episode, we discuss early literacy--what that means and why it’s important, what books are appropriate for what age groups and additional resources for parents and caregivers to make s [...]

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Dental Health in Young Children: Keep Tiny Teeth Healthy

Tooth decay is the number one dental problem for preschool children, and 10% of 2 year-olds already have cavities.  Cavities in baby teeth can lead to serious dental problems for permanent teeth.  In this episode, we explore plaque and how sugar impacts tooth decay.  We discuss the importance of good dental hygiene, wh [...]

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Cut Your Child’s Risk of Cancer With HPV Vaccine

HPV, or human papillomavirus, causes many cancers, and HPV vaccine can prevent these infections and the later development of cancer.  How well does the vaccine work?  What about side effects?  What is the best age for children to receive this vaccine?  Should boys get the vaccine as well as girls?  And what about sex-- [...]

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