CMN Achievement Award Nomination–Amy Powne

I nominated Amy Powne for a UC Davis Children’s Hospital Children’s Miracle Achievement Award because, in every way, she exemplifies EXCELLENCE.

Amy embraces everything she does with enthusiasm and creativity. She sees all her projects through to the finish and always engages with everyone so that they become an integral member of the team. She is an […]

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This Story Had a Scary Beginning

Story Burger is lucky to be alive. Thanks to emergency room doctors and her mother’s instinct, the 21-month-old girl was able to survive a rare brain condition.

“Story woke up from a nap really lethargic,” Joy Burger said. The toddler’s mom said that Story’s left eye was a little droopy and her left pupil was unresponsive.


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Carla Andalis, Child Life Therapist Extraordinaire

I’d like to give a big shout out to Carla Andalis, Child Life Therapist. To begin with, Carla has unique child development expertise, an ability to create change, and amazing researching skills. She is also a whiz at relating to children in an age appropriate manner. Carla has made a tremendous impact in our department and has definitely changed the UC D […]

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