Baby gets life-saving help from neurosurgery

Here is the story about our miracle boy, Tikhon!

On July 3, 2017, we came to the UC Davis emergency room with a cranky three week old baby boy, Tikhon, who was vomiting (with pinkish emesis at one point). As his mom, I felt that something was “off” with our son. Upon arrival, Emergency room staff promptly ordered all the tests and imaging. What was […]

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Micro-preemie, pediatric cardiology and eye surgery patient is family’s ‘miracle’

Mark and Melanie Payne’s story started like a storybook romance. They were college sweethearts. Mark was the captain of the UC Davis basketball team. Melanie was the captain of the UC Davis volleyball team. They were engaged after college graduation, married in 2012 and then moved to Europe to pursue Mark’s career as a professional basketball player.


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