CMN Achievement Award Nomination–Amy Powne

I nominated Amy Powne for a UC Davis Children’s Hospital Children’s Miracle Achievement Award because, in every way, she exemplifies EXCELLENCE.

Amy embraces everything she does with enthusiasm and creativity. She sees all her projects through to the finish and always engages with everyone so that they become an integral member of the team. She is an excellent leader who always keeps her eye on a vision of success.

As a clinical nurse specialist for the PICU/PCICU, Amy has improved the quality of care for all patients by providing RN education and continued quality improvement. As proof of her ongoing dedication, Amy is the recipient of two “Friends of Nursing” awards.

Amy has improved the quality of care children receive at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.  Her extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with her empathy, results in quality patient experience for all.

Amy was essential in acquiring a CMN grant for $24,000 to be used for educational materials in six subspecialty areas within the hospital. These materials successfully streamline the critical transition that kids experience as they return home after being discharged from the hospital. She was also indispensable in acquiring a CMN grant for $49,000 to provide transportation for pregnant women whose fetus was suspect for a congenital anomaly


–nominated by Mary Zanobini






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  1. Sarah Christensen April 8, 2018 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Any is absolutely the best!! She goes above and beyond to make patients and their families feel comfortable. Definitely an asset to the UC Davis family…

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