World-class cancer care and expert surgeons aid in Lydia’s recovery

“Lydia’s cancer was in her mid-femur and there was no time to waste. We had to get up to speed quickly. To save her leg, we needed an expert surgeon, but we also needed a great oncologist. We discovered both at UC Davis Children’s Hospital and were confident in her team to guide us in making some of the most […]

Nationally ranked urology care and an expert team help teen girl

Tami, her daughter Zoey and child life specialist Ginger Rounds.

“Dr. Kurzrock has been our guiding light in our daughter’s health. He has gifted her with so much. With his endless knowledge and […]

Expert team provides life-saving care to seven week old Chloe

“When Chloe was six weeks old, her jaundice still hadn’t gone away. What we thought was a routine blood draw to rule out anything serious turned into a trip to the […]

Teen’s heart is still going strong thanks to UC Davis Children’s Hospital

“The Otolaryngology department has been on top of his needs from day one. They guided me within the school system to ensure Damian had what he needed to excel. Our experience with cardi […]

UC Davis Health experts save 2-year-old with dangerously high blood pressure

“We are extremely impressed and grateful for how UC Davis handled, and has continued to handle, Owen’s case. It made us feel so much better to see how all the different d […]