Why Asha chose UC Davis Health for her family’s care

My mom worked for UC Davis when I was a child and retired after 36 years, so we have always had our care under UC Davis Health. When I started my own family, I chose UC Davis Health because I knew I would have access to the best. I had both of my children delivered by amazing OB/GYN’s and their teams. When my daughter Lily was born with branchio-oto-rena […]

Staff shout out to Dr. Sunderji

“Dr. Sunderji did so much more than be a doctor. She was someone I could talk to and cry to on my worst days and she would always have something positive to tell me. She went above and beyond what I would think a doctor’s duties are. She really cared about me and my baby Savannah as people, not just patients. I am so gratef […]

Staff shout out to Natasha Nieto

“Natasha Nieto is a wonderful phlebotomist and we have found her to be invaluable on our Women’s Pavilion unit. We are particularly happy with her “Baby Friendly” approach to phlebotomy. If a baby is nursing, and Mom wishes to continue, she will do the blood draw “safely” while baby is at breast. Many Baby Friendly hospitals across the world have institu […]

After scary diabetic ketoacidosis, 11-year-old Kristin and her family give thanks

“Our hospital experience at UC Davis Children’s Hospital was really great. Nurse Jenn Martinson in the PICU worked so admirably, giving care and comfort to my […]

Life-saving care gives Kaliah a chance to celebrate her first Halloween

Dear Dr. Satyan,

We would like to say thank you once again for saving our daughter’s life! You and your staff at UC Davis were truly amazing and we knew Kaliah was in great […]

World-class cancer care and expert surgeons aid in Lydia’s recovery

“Lydia’s cancer was in her mid-femur and there was no time to waste. We had to get up to speed quickly. To save her leg, we needed an expert surgeon, but we also needed a great oncologist. We discovered both at UC Davis Children’s Hospital and were confident in her team to guide us in making some of the most […]