What Does the Department Chair Do?

“The CEO is the link between the Inside that is ‘the organization,’ and the Outside of society, economy, technology, markets, and customers.” Peter Drucker, creator of modern management The American CEO, Wall Street Journal, 2004   Sometimes I get asked just what do I do as a department chair (on my more frustrat [...]

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Generation COVID?

Every year, I look forward to medical school graduation — but this year, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, I wasn’t so sure.  I couldn’t quite wrap my head around a “virtual” graduation.  There would be no grand procession of faculty and grads in their academic regalia led by the bagpipe and drum corps which always bri [...]

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The Laboratory as a Leader During a Time of Crisis

In many ways the lab is an unlikely leader — behind the scenes and humble, filled with smart folks who lean more toward the introvert side, shun the spotlight, and who work hard to provide clinical tests to serve others.  Such an unlikely leader, in fact, that the lab is often referred to as an “ancillary“ service bec [...]

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Pandemics, Preparedness, and Us

   During the last few days of February, it was very strange to turn on the TV in the morning and see our medical center on the national news and for this coverage to continue over several days.  In fact, it was an almost an out of body experience to see my familiar and comfortable place of employment in such an unfami [...]

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Getting Respect

My blog is posted a bit late this month -- I’ve been thinking a lot about respect and a few disrespectful events that recently came to my attention.  Comedian Rodney Dangerfield made a career out joking that he “got no respect” – this was the theme of his stand-up routine as well as the topic of his two books, “I Don’ [...]

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