Reflections on Being a Patient

Last month I was out on medical leave following a total hip replacement.  They say that doctors make the worse patients – I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but being on the other side of health care is an interesting and humbling experience.  Here’s what I learned: Appearing efficient and organized brings confid [...]

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Sometimes We All Feel Like An Imposter

This is the time of year for new newcomers and new beginnings – between July and September, we welcome new medical students, housestaff, faculty, lots of clinical lab scientists (including many of our recent graduates).  Existing faculty and staff take also take on new roles or begin new programs since this is the star [...]

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Is It Really the Start of Year 10??

Do you remember 2010? Might be hard to think back that far, but I can tell you exactly what I was doing – I was just appointed the chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine right here at UC Davis Health. I’m now starting my 10th year as department chair. A decade is a long time – and so much of what [...]

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Feeling a Little Crabby?

I think that spring can be a kind of cranky, crabby time of year.  That may seem strange since the weather gets warmer, the days are brighter and longer, and flowers and trees are in bloom – but it is also budget time which includes performance reviews and lots of hopeful expectations for salary increases, new resource [...]

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