The ABCs of CMN: “B” is for BALLOON

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) at UC Davis Children’s Hospital is going back to basics in 2020. Welcome to “The ABCs of CMN” series. As we wind our way through the alphabet, we’ll illustrate how putting your money where the miracles are makes a big difference … no matter how small the donation.

The ABCs of CMN: “B” is for BALLOON…Miracle Balloons, that is!

The design of the CMN logo may have changed over the years, but one thing remains the same: Since 1983, most of the money Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has raised has been $1 at a time through local Miracle Balloon icon campaigns. Yes, one dollar at a time! Every donation – big or small – has helped CMN fundraising totals to soar to more then $7 billion. Today, more than 30 million balloons are printed each year.That’s a lot of miracles and a lot of help provided to children in 170 CMN Hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

Whether you see this symbol in IHOP, Panda Express, Walmart, Speedway or one of our many corporate partner locations, give a little … or a lot. Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of sick and injured kids treated at CMN Hospitals like UC Davis Children’s Hospital. All funds stay local so your donation helps make miracles happen for children in our 33-county service area.

Stay tuned for the next part of the The ABCs of CMN series: “C” is for CORPORATE PARTNERS.

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