Miracle Monday Story: Gianna Arredondo

As part of our “Monday Miracle Story” series, we will introduce you to some amazing UC Davis Children’s Hospital patients, both past and present. Their families graciously agreed to share their journeys to help underscore the importance of donating to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals so critical treatments, health care services, pediatric medical equipment, research and education can continue.

At three years old, Gianna Arredondo began having bad headaches. So bad she couldn’t function. This continued for several years until an MRI revealed a very rare diagnosis: cerebral cavernous malformations.

Mom, dad, daughter and son outside under a tree with fence in the background

Gianna Arredondo and her family, including dad, Kevin, who was diagnosed with the same condition.

Cavernous malformations are a cluster of tightly coiled blood vessels in the brain which begin to leak small amounts of blood. People with cerebral cavernous malformations may experience serious symptoms such as headaches, seizures, paralysis, hearing or vision deficiencies, and bleeding in the brain.

Two brain surgeries later, Gianna is an avid reader, loves to swim and frequents Disneyland. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and expertise at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, she and her parents got the miracle they were praying for.

Meet Gianna and hear her miracle story.

How donations help kids like Gianna: Children’s Miracle Network donations help fund Cinemavision movie goggles which are available for some types of pediatric MRIs. These MRI goggles are a distraction tool which allows children to watch a DVD throughout the MRI. Fewer patients are now requiring general anesthesia for their MRI exams. some 80 percent of MRIs are now being performed without anesthesia among patients ages 6 to 11, and 63 percent among kids ages 0 to 5.

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