Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) awards grants to UC Davis Children’s Hospital for 2019-2021

Thirteen grants totaling nearly $325,000 have been awarded by Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) at UC Davis to clinicians and researchers at UC Davis Medical Center. Grants in the amount of $175,064 will enhance the clinical care of children, while $148,996 was awarded for research directly improving the health and welfare of children.

Each fiscal year, applications are accepted by Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) for both clinical services and research grants. Each application must demonstrate how the project or research contributes to UC Davis Health Strategic Goals and/or UC Davis Medical Center Institutional Goals. The amount of funds awarded each year is determined by the CMN Executive Committee and chief executive office of UC Davis Medical Center.

Clinical services grants funded for fiscal years 2019-2021 for pediatrics are as follows:

MedGraphics Mobile Ultima Cardio2 Metabolic Cart for the pediatric and adult Congenital Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology Laboratory – Jonathan Dayan

Short Bowel Syndrome Patient Education Binder – Kelly Haas

Quality Improvement Project to increase literacy discussions between pediatric residents and parents with children between six months and five years old – Jia Xin Huang

Breast milk analysis and targeted fortification to enhance growth in preterm infants – Kara Kuhn-Riordon

Expanding PACES to better serve community partners – Hadley Sauers-Ford

Clinical services grants funded for fiscal years 2019-2021 for the Child Life & Creative Arts Therapy Department are as follows:

Comfort Commitment Education Initiative – Emily McDaniel

Sensory Enhancement Project for the MIND Institute – Erin Roseborough

Empowering siblings at UC Davis Children’s Hospital – Amy Zide

Using art to transform MRI Rooms into child-friendly-spaces – Carla Andalis

The clinical services grant funded for fiscal years 2019-2021 for the MIND Institute is as follows:

Family Navigator – Robin Stewart

Research grants funded for fiscal years 2019-2021 for pediatrics are as follows:

Impact of visual contact with premature infants on maternal breast milk expression – Laura Kair and Kristin Hoffman

Pediatric Transfer Triage Program to reduce avoidable transfers – Jennifer Rosenthal

The research grant funded for fiscal years 2019-2021 for surgery is as follows:

Real-time interoperative identification of ganglion cells for Hirschsprung Disease diagnosis using multimodal, label-free spectral imaging – Payam Saadai

Special consideration was given to junior faculty members and junior investigators. Faculty mentors reviewed the proposals prior to submission and included a letter of support and a current National Institutes of Health (NIH) biosketch, as applicable.

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