Partners in Hope: Walmart Campaign for CMN at UC Davis is underway

Photo of Ciarlo, a Children's Miracle Network Hospital's patient who has Spina Bifida, with the Walmrt and Sam's Club logos and text asking people to "Give Today".

The annual Walmart and Sam’s Club CMN fundraising campaign runs through July 7.

Walmart’s slogan encourages shoppers to “Save Money. Live Better.” Between June 7 and July 7, the company is asking shoppers to help children at Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals live better, too.

Since 1987, the Walmart and Sam’s Club campaign has generated more than $1 billion for CMN Hospitals. That milestone represents the largest amount ever raised by a company for a nonprofit organization. This money helps save the lives and lifetimes of sick and injured children like Jackson Manning. He faced a life-threatening illness but has a chance at a “Happily Ever After,” thanks to care he received at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, the Sacramento region’s CMN Hospital.

Boy layng in hospital bed.

Jackson Manning spent more than a month at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

It was February 2018. Jackson’s parents, Mike and Tricia, thought he had the flu. But then they awoke one morning to find their only son unresponsive. Jackson was rushed to UC Davis Children’s Hospital. It wasn’t the flu. It was Type I diabetes (T1D).

Jackson had a collapsed lung due to complications. Severe pneumonia set in and he was put on a ventilator. Jackson spent 39 days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), but regained his strength, coordination and balance and walked out on his own. “There’s no stopping Jackson,” said Tricia. “He loves a challenge.”

After months of physical therapy, follow-up appointments and sheer will, Jackson was back! He’s playing sports, was named honorary team captain of the UC Davis Men’s Basketball team and is the local Children’s Miracle Network Champion Child for 2019.

“He’s my hero for pushing through like he did,” said Mike.

The T1D journey continues for Jackson and his family, but thanks to partners like Walmart, her has a chance at a “Happily Ever After”. Look for Jackson’s story, as well as the stories of six other local children, at your Walmart store. The posters, fliers and cards detail the kids’ journeys through treatment. They also showcase how donations to CMN made a difference for each child. In Jackson’s case, some of the money raised funds the diabetes incentive program at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Would you like to donate to help kids like Jackson? Walmart and Sam’s Club customers and members can donate to their local CMN Hospital at the register. Customers and members also have the option of donating at the self-checkout kiosks or you can donate online.

The generosity of millions of customers who shop at Walmart and Sam’s Club means children like Jackson in communities across North America will continue to receive the world-class treatment they need.

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