Meet the Miracle Maker: Tom Chandler

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Tom Chandler started his journey with CMN as a donor and a CMN golf tournament attendee. But his interest and involvement has grown since those early days. He is now a CMN Business Council member, a vocal advocate for UC Davis Children’s Hospital and was co-chair of last year’s CMN Friendship Invitational golf tournament.

Chandler is a financial advisor and managing director of The Chandler Group.

How long have you been involved with Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis? What has your involvement looked like over time? I have been involved with CMN since 2016. Originally, I was a donor.  I love to golf and a good friend invited me to attend the CMN annual golf tournament.  I learned more about the organization and agreed to sponsor a hole as a donation. As I learned more about the good work the children’s hospital provides, I wanted to become more involved and was invited to join the CMN Business Council in 2016.  Last year, I helped co-chair the golf tournament to continue to help raise funds for the hospital.

Tom Chandler, right, with Dr. Stephanie Mateev and his wife.

There are so many good causes. Why did you choose to support UC Davis Children’s Hospital? Through my social network, I happened to become good friends with one of the doctors who works at UC Davis Children’s Hospital; Dr. Stephanie Mateev and her husband Sanford Finkleman. As I learned more about her outstanding work there, I wanted a way to help.

What is your favorite memory while supporting UC Davis Children’s Hospital?  Watching the miracle making video featuring Dr. Shinjiro Hirose.  The incredible lifesaving ability of these wonderful people never ceases to amaze me.  The incredible skill and technology used is simply astonishing.

How has being involved with UC Davis Children’s Hospital changed your life? Your family’s life? My family has a much better appreciation for the blessing in our family. We are more in tune with the community and getting the word out that we have this wonderful facility in our local area and there are many children right here who need our help.

We have this wonderful hospital right here, but it takes all of us to help.  To continue to provide world-class care to the children and families takes funding and we need your help.

What motivates you as a volunteer?  A sense that there is something bigger than ourselves out there of which we need to be aware.  I’ve had many blessings in my life and not everyone is that fortunate. I want to be able to give back to a community that has given my family so much.

What do you think about every time you volunteer for UC Davis Children’s Hospital? The children are an obvious focus. But, I also think about the doctors. The diligent care they provide to the children, how hard they work and the hours they must put in.

What do you think is the most important thing people don’t know about this hospital? That it’s here, right in our own backyard.  As volunteers and members of the business council, we need to continue to get the word out that we have such a wonderful resource right here!

What would you say to people about why they should invest in the health of children’s hospitals? Children are a precious resource. What if it was your child that was afflicted?  How difficult would it be for you and your family to have to travel hundreds of miles to seek care, find a place to stay so you could be near your child.  We have this wonderful hospital right here, but it takes all of us to help.  To continue to provide world-class care to the children and families takes funding and we need your help.

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