‘Shave the Schaefer’ helps save the babies

When it comes to money, Andrew Schaffer knows his stuff. As a Financial Assistant II with Addison Avenue Investment Services in Rocklin, a First Tech Federal Credit Union partner, he is in the business of money. But despite his comfort level with the subject, Andrew didn’t realize the lengths he would be willing to go to generate funds for “baby” beneficiaries.

It all started when Andrew’s buddy signed him up. To do what, you ask? Shave his head to raise money for “the babies” at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. “To be honest, I was nervous at first,” said Schaeffer. “I hadn’t shaved my beard for almost nine years. Even my wife couldn’t get me to shave it.”

There’s even more to that story. A poster in the office further underscored the incentive for team members to support him: “For those who don’t know Andrew, the ‘beard’ didn’t even get shaved off for his wedding! This is an epic commitment on his part!” Epic, indeed.

So, before Andrew knew it, more than 65 people had donated money to get him to shave. He couldn’t believe something as simple as shaving could raise so much money for the kids.

“After all the stories First Tech has shared about the way Children’s Miracle Network has made a difference for so many children and their families, I figured the least I could do was grab a razor.”

So he did! In fact, those who pledged $50 or more got in on “Shave the Schaefer”. The event raised $1000 for UC Davis Children’s Hospital … and made Andrew a new man.

First Tech Federal Credit Union has supported CMN at UC Davis for years and Greg Mitchell, president and chief executive officer of First Tech Federal Credit Union, saw the “Shave the Schaefer” fundraiser as a great opportunity to share the wealth, so to speak.

“We love to share our time, treasures and talents,” said Mitchell. “I think it takes all those components to achieve great results.” Jacquelyn Mills, director of Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis, could not agree more.

“The culture you and your First Tech team has built and continue to cultivate is amazing,” said Mills, who noted that the funds raised will benefit the UC Davis Children’s Surgery Center, which is currently in construction. “I do not believe it is luck or happenstance that you are surrounded by those who share their most precious … like Andrew. Thank you for fostering that environment, Mike, and thank you, Andrew!”

The babies thank you, too.

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