Meet the Miracle Maker: Sue Rohm

For the past five years, Sue Rohm has been the wellness ambassador for Rite Aid in Yuba City. With her help, her Yuba City store was named #4 top fundraiser out of the 86 stores in the region. The Yuba City store raised $4,174 last year for UC Davis Children’s Hospital. She has helped support her store’s Family Fun Fair, a fundraising event for Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis, which features bounce houses, a petting zoo, photo booths, pizza, cotton candy and raffle prizes and she continues to be a strong advocate for UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Meet our newest Miracle Maker, Sue Rohm.

How long have you been involved with Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis? What has your involvement looked like over time? I work for Rite Aid as their wellness ambassador for four years. They are a huge sponsor for CMN. After my first year, I didn’t get it and I saw all of the stores asking to donate to CMN. My second year, I had a solid understanding of where the money went and that it was an organization that I wanted to become a part of. I learned that I have a knack for raising money. This is the cause that I chose.

There are so many good causes, why did you choose to support UC Davis Children’s Hospital? This was the one that I was educated in from working at Rite Aid.

Sue Rohm

Sue Rohm

What is your favorite memory while supporting UC Davis Children’s Hospital? I have so many. Most of my memories are when I ask for donations and people tell me about how their child or neighbor’s child benefited from the care that the hospital provided and didn’t charge for anything.

How has being involved with UC Davis Children’s Hospital changed your life? Your family’s life? It has changed me as a person. I feel like it has really opened my heart up and made me feel worthwhile on this earth. I go to work, go to the gym, take care of my family. What higher meaning is there? This gives me purpose and value in my own life.

What motivates you as a volunteer? Rite Aid motivates me. They show us the numbers. The whole store crew likes it when I go out and bring back raffle prizes that people can enjoy at our Rite Aid Family Fun Fair. It makes it a fun event and makes it fun for all employees and people who shop there.

It has changed me as a person. I feel like it has really opened my heart up and made me feel worthwhile on this earth.

What do you think about every time you volunteer for UC Davis Children’s Hospital? Everytime I help raise money, sometimes it’s hot or rainy or windy. I think, “Do I have to do this?” I search my soul. God’s got me on a journey. I look at the bottom line. It’s not about me. It’s about who it’s going to help.

What would you say to people about why they should invest in the health of children’s hospital?  They should help for the benefits of the children. Just think of the love that a little bit of green can spread to these children.

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