Meet the Miracle Maker: Stephanie Garcia

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As philanthropy chair for Phi Mu, CSU Stanislaus student Stephanie Garcia chose to support Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis because she recognized the needs of young patients and their families. Stephanie organized the first annual Warriorthon dance marathon in 2016 and will be hosting the next Warriorthon on April 22, 2017 (find more details, register and make donations today). Please meet Miracle Maker, Stephanie Garcia!

Stephanie Garcia at CSU Stanislaus Warriorthon

On far right: Stehpanie Garcia at CSU Stanislaus Warriorthon event

How long have you been involved with Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis? What has your involvement looked like over time?
I have been involved with CMN at UC Davis for a little over two years now. I first got involved through my sorority because CMN is our philanthropy. I completely fell in love with it and after a year I decided to get more involved and become the philanthropy chair for Phi Mu at CSU Stanislaus. During my year as philanthropy chair, I organized multiple events at our school to raise donations (pumpkin painting, miracle cups, miracle bands) and I had the privilege to host the first annual dance marathon, Warriorthon, for my sorority and school.

There are so many good causes, why did you choose to support UC Davis Children’s Hospital?
CMN at UC Davis really stood out to me because I know how important it is to donate to children’s hospitals because new equipment is needed and families really do need all the support and help they can get. My younger brother has Down Syndrome and he’s had to spend quite some time in and out of the hospital. I remember the staff being incredibly helpful and comforting and thanks to the available equipment, my brother has been able to be healthy and growing.

What is your favorite memory while supporting UC Davis Children’s Hospital?
Well, it’s extremely difficult to pick one single time because there has been so many. But if I had to choose, it would have to be my last hospital visit. I was fortunate enough to have Michelle Thompson guide me and the other girls from our sorority on a very special hospital visit. We were able to briefly visit some babies and we happened to run into a mom and her baby daughter. Hearing her say “thank you” and how much it meant to her that we support CMN and that our events really do help was the best thing any philanthropy chair and any person could ever want to hear. It was an incredible and unexplainable feeling.

We were able to briefly visit some babies and we happen to run into a mom and her baby daugher. Hearing her say ‘thank you’ and how much it meant to her that we support CMN and that our events really do help was the best thing any Philanthropy Chairman and any person could ever want to hear. It was an incredible and unexplainable feeling.

How has being involved with UC Davis Children’s Hospital changed your life? Your family’s life?
Being involved has made me want to focus my career in helping children and their families in any way I can. I’ll soon be graduating from CSU Stanislaus with a major in Spanish and a minor in communications and thanks to this wonderful organization and UC Davis Children’s Hospital, I’m pursuing a career with Dance Marathon. This is something I would have never thought of doing but I’m really glad and very fortunate that CMN and UC Davis Children’s Hospital came into my life.

What motivates you as a volunteer?
Being able to meet the kids and families that we help is an incredible motivation to keep helping and to keep finding new ways to ensure that we raise and volunteer as much as I can.

What do you think about every time you volunteer for UC Davis Children’s Hospital?
I can’t help but to think of my younger brother and my own family every time I volunteer and every time I go on a hospital visit. My brother is the reason why CMN stood out to me in the first place and now UC Davis Children’s Hospital is the reason I keep doing this, because I’ve seen the amazing things this hospital has done and I’m really lucky to be a part of it.

What do you think is the most important thing people don’t know about this hospital?
Everything this hospital does and continues to do is extremely important but I think that not many people know how passionate this hospital is, not only towards their patients but the families as well. They strive to have an incredible amount of comfort and support for all families and I think that’s truly amazing, especially during tough times.

What would you say to people about why they should invest in the health of children’s hospitals? 
I know there are thousands of amazing causes out there but I think it’s truly important to invest money in the health of children’s hospitals because these children are our future. These kids are our future doctors, teachers, and even presidents. We need to believe in them, their future, and their health.

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