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Finding the Right Space and Place

April 8th, 2008 Posted in Home Visiting Strategies

Many people have a special space or place that they like to spend time in.  Being uncomfortable can be distracting and sometimes, cause physical and/or emotional strain and drain.  Home visitors deal with and address this challenge whenever they enter a home or community setting; not all home visiting locations are ideal.

Melanie, a home visitor for an early head start program says that, “One strategy that has been helpful for me in creating a “home visiting space” in small homes that I visit is to bring a good size blanket or picnic mat. I lay it down and this is where we spend our “floor time” together.  It provides a special space and sets a physical boundary. As I lay it down, it also gives the cue/indicator that we are ready to start. I invite the child and caregiver to join me.”

1- Reflect on the spaces and places in which you do your home visiting.

2- What are some of the challenges you have encountered with home visiting spaces/places?

3- How did you overcome those challenges?

-submitted by Melanie Nichols and Karen Baas, Infant Development Association

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