March 19th, around 10AM PT, UC Davis will be Live Tweeting a Patient’s Experience Undergoing Surgery for Lung Cancer. Why?

“Is there a cure for lung cancer?”  That is a very common question for me.  We all know the statistics.  Lung cancer has around a 15% five year survival rate.  But the truth is in the details.  The majority of patients diagnosed with lung cancer are diagnosed at an advance stage, i.e. stages III and IV (there are four [...]

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2014 Update on UC Davis Thoracic Surgery Outcomes

UC Davis thoracic surgery providers are helping to evolve healthcare to emphasize patient value.  Patient value not only includes traditional outcomes such as  cure of cancer and amelioration of pain, but also by the effects on quality of life, function after surgery, and most importantly, what immediate outcomes are i [...]

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UC Davis Section of General Thoracic Surgery Partners with #LCSM to host the Lung Cancer Tweet Chat on 6/19

On Thursday, June 19th at 5 PM Pacific/ 8 PM Eastern, Dr. David Tom Cooke (Twitter@UCD_ChestHealth) will moderate the #LCSM Tweet Chat. The topic: “What are clinical and functional outcomes after lung cancer surgery that are most important to patients & their families?”  We will partner with #LCSM (#Lung Cancer Soc [...]

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Transparency of Value in the Care of Patients Undergoing Lung Cancer and Esophageal Cancer Surgery

Medicine is evolving where the focus expands to not just state of the art technology and procedures to care for our patients, but also what value can medicine provide to patients.  That value is defined by not just the overarching goals of therapy, i.e. cure of cancer, resolution of infection, amelioration of pain, but [...]

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Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening at UC Davis

UC Davis Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening Program (CLSP) UC Davis CLSP is a multidisciplinary program for comprehensive lung cancer screening.  The innovative program provides low-dose chest computed tomography (LDCT) technology to detect lung cancer early in its most treatable form in those individuals at the highe [...]

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New Point-of-Care App, PulmaCalc PPO, Predicted Post-operative Pulmonary Function Calculator

Brought to you by the UC Davis Section of General Thoracic Surgery: PulmaCalc PPO is a predicted post-operative pulmonary function calculator.  This unique point of care app, is ideal for health care providers, trainees and patients interested in patient centered medicine to easily calculate predicted post-operative (P [...]

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