Dr. Raff and UC Davis Children’s Hospital Team Make Rob Whole Again

A Surgical Repair of Chest Deformity

When our son, 14-year-old Rob, pointed his skis downhill and pushed off to compete in the high school ski race in March, few in the crowd knew his story. It had only been a short nine months before that he had undergone a surgical repair of a chest deformity at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. And now, here he wa […]

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Baby Liam Thrives!

After a Rare Heart Disease Appears at Birth

At my routine 20 week pregnancy ultrasound, a heart abnormality was identified. Soon after, via a fetal echocardiogram, Pediatric Cardiology diagnosed my soon-to-be-born son, Liam, with Truncus Arteriosus – a rare type of heart disease that occurs at birth, in which a single blood vessel (truncus arteri […]

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My Moment

Ruby’s Heart Defect: Reflecting on Difficult Days

I looked to my left, and in the darkest hours of the night I could just make out their faces. My husband, Aaron, so handsome and sleeping so soundly, with his head barely on his pillow. Scarlett, my almost-two-year-old little girl, whose face looked astoundingly similar to his, was lying between us, h […]

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