Is It Patient Care? Is It Research? Is It My Job??

You’ve probably heard that our school is in the midst of a major strategic planning process – our vice chancellor and dean Julie Freischlag is working with faculty, staff, students and the community to identify and build on UCDHS’ unique strengths so that we can make UC Davis Health System stand out in the crowd as a [...]

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Is Our Workplace Culture as Special as the Silicon Valley’s?

We’ve all heard a lot about the famous work culture in the tech industry in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.  LinkedIn has new offices in SOMA and a recent article in Forbes lavished praise on the free locally-sourced food, open work-spaces to encourage collaboration, the work-out center and games on every floor [...]

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What does Lean Process Improvement, Residency Education and Lab Week All Have in Common??

There’s never a dull moment in our department – always a zillion diagnoses to be made, tests to run, consultations to share, concepts to teach, discoveries to make.  April was a particularly busy month.  Not only did we have our usual work to keep up with, but we had several special activities to celebrate what we do [...]

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Launching the Chair’s Blog: It’s Never Too Late for a New Year’s Resolution – April 2016

I don’t think it is ever too late for a new year’s resolution, even if the resolution doesn’t happen ‘til a month or two after the new year – after all, declaring a desire to change and improve should be season-less, worthy of any month of the year. Therefore, I’d like to share my new year’s resolution to improve comm [...]

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