Performance Reviews and Career-Planning: Stressful, Exhausting, or Inspiring and Transforming?

I have some new artwork in my office – this painting has captured my imagination for quite some time and for many reasons, so I finally decided to add it to my office.  The title is “Supine Woman” and the artist is UC Davis professor emeritus, Wayne Thiebaud, who is very famous and often best known for his paintings o [...]

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Happy New Year! Happy Anniversary!

Happy 2017!  Did you know that this is a special anniversary year for us?  Our first department chair, Robert Stowell, MD, PhD, was appointed in 1967, so 2017 marks our 50th year as an academic department at UC Davis School of Medicine.   You can learn more about the evolution of our department in the historic timelin [...]

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A New Year, A New President, A New Future: What Does This Means for Academic Pathology, Lab Medicine, and Healthcare?

The new year will soon be here.  It’s always exciting to be able to wipe the slate clean and have a new beginning, and in 2017 this will include the inauguration of a new president.  I’m guessing that you are as tired as I am of the post-election commentary, be it mourning or celebrating the outcome.  Nonetheless, a n [...]

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It’s Thanksgiving – What Are You Grateful For?

November is Thanksgiving time – our country’s wonderful tradition of taking time to reflect and give thanks.  To me, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude – in other words, finding within ourselves a deeper appreciation of the many good things in our work and our life, and passing that gratitude forward.  Gratitude has [...]

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What does Kung Fu Panda and Strategic Planning Have in Common?

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than you are.” – Kung Fu Panda, DreamWorks Animation I wish I could take credit for finding this terrific quote, but Sharon Wahl, our Partners in Education manager, used this in her remarks at the fall graduation for our clinical laboratory scientist training pro [...]

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Do You Know the Real “Job to Be Done” in Your Job??

So perhaps this sounds like a ridiculous title because of course, you know the job you need to do – you make or read slides, you run tests and produce results, you provide reports, you teach, you run experiments to answer research questions, you process the zillions of paperwork that the university and the government [...]

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