Why You Should Take a Summer Vacation

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the incredible Chihuly Sanctuary at the Buffett Cancer Center during a visit to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This sanctuary is a beautiful and relaxing space filled with the amazing glass sculpture, some of which I’ve shared in these photos. Artist Dale Chihuly d [...]

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We are Celebrating 50 Years!

Did you know that the UC Davis School of Medicine is celebrating its 50th anniversary?? And Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is celebrating 50 years as an academic department, too – 1967-68 was the academic year in which Robert Stowell MD PhD arrived from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology to serve as the first [...]

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Celebrating Our Collective Excellence

This chart is hung on the door of every new patient in our bone marrow transplant unit. As you can see, these patients – and their providers, family and friends – closely follow our lab test results for the 4-5 weeks of their in-patient admission. We often consider ourselves to be behind-the-scenes members of the healt [...]

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