NIH provided some New Year cheer with the announcement that $40 million in funding opportunities are now available as part of its initial investment in the new BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), which is an inter-agency effort among NIH, National Science Foundation and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency “to build a new arsenal of tools and technologies for unlocking the mysteries of the brain.”

I helped to convene an interdisciplinary UC Davis working group that met in December to discuss the exciting possibilities created by this new national research priority. We strongly encourage faculty to begin formulating collaborations and planning to apply for the first wave of NIH grants that are due in March. UC Davis is uniquely positioned to win these new research awards and further our leadership in improving the scientific foundation for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders.

Click here for more information about the six new NIH funding opportunities and please send me an email if you would like to join the next meeting of the UC Davis BRAIN initiative working group.

Here’s to a great start for 2014!