I don’t take vacation often and as my wife would say, I should take more time off. This past week, Linda and I went hiking in the Pacific Northwest. We were completely unplugged. It was refreshing. Work-life balance is important for all of us, whether we’re students or faculty. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking time to be in nature. As Jack Johnson says in one of his songs, “The wisdom is in the trees and not the glass windows.” The trees we enjoyed were 300 years old in the Olympic Peninsula Rain Forest.

I encourage you to check out the UC Davis Health System news section and read about the new Integrating Quality course taught by an interprofessional team of faculty from the schools of Medicine and Nursing. An AAMC workshop was conducted on Holistic Admissions, where a team of faculty, students and staff learned ways to align the School of Medicine process with the vision of UC Davis Health System.