One of the things I enjoy most during the year is being the director of our Clinical Translational Science Center (CTSC) Research Education and Career Development (RECD) program. This Saturday, we had our annual “graduation” exercise in the Meyers’ backyard with 93 attendees. We honored 25 junior researchers and their families, as well as their mentors who are drawn from five training grants. We have a unique model at UC Davis Health System that integrates and coordinates our core CTSC funded programs (Mentored Clinical Training Program (MCRTP), T32 and K12), our affiliated programs (Building Integrated Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH), stem cell, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Primary Care Outcomes Research (PCOR)), and our newest additions (K12s in Oncology and in Emergency Medicine), as one for strategic career development in clinical translational research. This is a model for all types of career development, including education, clinical care, and community service, that values interprofessional and interdisciplinary research.

We have a few papers now that discuss our view points. Two from Science Translational Medicine — one from 2010 on Recombinant Innovation and Translational Science Trainees (link unavailable at this time), and one from last year on Creating the Future Biomedical Research Workforce. This year, an article on Strengthening the Career Development of Clinical Translational Scientists was published in Clinical Translational Science. Check out Science Translational Medicine for Kelly LaMarco’s new series. Kelly, Senior Science Editor of Science Translational Medicine, is passionate about career development.

Congratulations to the junior researchers who are on their way to bright careers!