We all have the power to advance health by offering the opportunity to others to support the important work we do. Being ambassadors for UC Davis Health System is a responsibility shared among leadership, faculty, researchers, staff, alumni, volunteers, donors, students, and patients and their families. The easy, first step in developing a philanthropic partnership with potential supporters is sharing the remarkable ways we are advancing health.

I’ve enjoyed becoming more involved in development work and am pleased to see a significant increase in success. Today, I gave a hard hat tour of our new Comprehensive Cancer Center building. It’s a thrill to share our story. Join me in getting more people involved by asking a simple question: “Would you like to learn more about UC Davis Health System?”

With this question, there are endless possibilities to match the interest of potential donors with the many ways we are advance health through research, patient care, education, and community engagement. Philanthropy is vital to the future of our health system and health care in general. The funding environment is changing in virtually every aspect of health care. We must all become ambassadors.

I look forward to hearing how philanthropy has helped you achieve your goals or if you’re a donor, how your donation has helped UC Davis Health System. You can write a comment below or send me an email.